Yesterday’s game was that more than 20 minutes Rao Weihui debut in the national team

Yesterday’s game was that more than 20 minutes Rao Weihui debut in the national team, but he looks more like a coach has to make the main worry in the case opened up the situation with the coach to play the game deployment .

Reporter: Yesterday you came off the bench watching the game, though, is your national team debut, but the couple did not feel nervous, you were how to think?

Rao Weihui: Actually, I was a little nervous, after all, this is my first time on behalf of the national team! Tell yourself kicked the ball too simply, do not casually mistakes, so I can adapt to the rhythm of the game as soon as possible after the play.

Reporter: Perrin in time is how you play your account?

Rao Weihui: Also nothing much to explain, because I go is to play left-back, he thought I knew how to kick. Then locate the ball in defense gave me explain a bit.

Reporter: After the game and the coach did not communicate? He felt how you like to play?

Rao Weihui: After the game there is no communication, so I do not know if he was not satisfied with me? Ha ha!

Reporter: participated in this game, I feel that he still needs to improve in what areas?

Rao Weihui: I think I’m most lacking is the experience of international competition, the national team and the club is not the same, the rhythm faster, stronger fight! These need me as soon as possible to adapt, to gain experience!

Rao Weihui in the national team completed its first debut. For the left-back position of the national team, whether it is Ren Hang, Jiang Zhipeng, or Rao Weihui, can be said to have their own characteristics. Rao Weihui fitness is perhaps the most inferior of the three, but he is a rare brain wing players to play defense in the low turnover rate, and efficient attack with his teammates are glittering. For the national team next determined the left wing of the main candidates, Perrin may face a difficult choice of small problems.

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