Barcelona’s La Masia youth academy Awards

Amazing! Real Madrid scored the first goal five minutes Magic Flute par with Barcelona Royal Star, while Castilla Real Madrid’s youth academy La Masia is not inferior, but the Real Madrid superstar policy for years to suppress their youth players in a team development space, but this does not prevent Castilla youth talent, tonight Mei Delan’s broke again to name the Real Madrid youth academy.

The first 83 minutes of the second half, Bell was benched because of injury, Mei Delan go into battle, if the King was not injured, it is difficult to say will get the opportunity to play, but the face of a rare opportunity, Mei Delan grasp. The first 88 minutes, Marcelo ball up front, before Mei Delan restricted left foot hit the door was the other defensive player touched the change occurred in the line, the original low shot turned into a hanger, goalkeeper make a pre-sentence fell to the ground in advance of trying to block, but the ball across from his head too suddenly, when trying to chase back already late. quite luck scoring, and after scoring Real Madrid teenager kissing his arm. 8 in the league game against Levante, the Mei Delan finished off the bench at Real Madrid senior team debut. The game was his first five appearances for Real Madrid first team, but he also broke the second half goals in Real Madrid at the sub-adult teams.
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