Chelsea 21 million exposure to dig Nerazzurri front Pa giants Inter Milan may release pro-Cheng

Poor record on the court, the team’s appeal is also declining, even within the company but also the heart of the star to Italy, Inter Milan at the moment is simply embattled. The latest news is that the Nerazzurri are high hopes for the Ica Jordi has decided to leave, he may have defected Mourinho in the summer of next year.

Ica fact there are many reasons to go Jordi, and not just because the Nerazzurri unsatisfactory results. Inter Milan hope to keep Jordi Ica, no doubt, so the club will negotiate with the players regarding contract – despite Ica Jordi contract with Inter Milan until now expire in 2018.

But progress in contract talks are not successful, the parties in a number of issues – both unable to agree on contract with the immediate situation is almost impossible – especially the players portrait. In addition, Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini did not like Ica Jordi, he repeatedly expressed its willingness to take 纳巴洛特利 return, which makes Ica Jordi very dissatisfied. If Inter does not replace the Manco, Ica Jordi certainly offered to leave requirements.

In the case of Ica Jordi, Inter Milan is also well aware, in the general manager Faso recently admitted: “Of course we want to keep Jordi Ica, we have hope, although there are many other more attractive than our club chase players. As far as I understand, Ica Jordi willing to stay, we will try to convince the player, but if a big club sent an offer, we have to let the players satisfied there is no player in the world which is truly not for sale … … “this means that the Nerazzurri have been ready to sell Ica Jordi’s ready.
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