Doom scuffle: City of Rome’s most burning brain if Barca draw first fight in Paris

Group E qualifying the situation is not clear, after five, Bayern Munich integral 1st qualifying group with 12 points. Manchester City, CSKA Moscow and Rome are integral 5 points. If Bayern wins the main army, battle Manchester City’s winner Roman cut. If you need to compare the two teams draw teams away goals, that is, if Manchester City in Italy and over the score 2-2 draw with Roma, the Manchester City qualify; if the two teams drew 0-0 in Rome to qualify. Unfortunately, if the two teams are still 1-1 draw, it will compare the total goal difference, Manchester City -1, -4 Rome, Manchester City are still cut.
If Bayern main level army, Rome and Manchester City’s promotion winning team. If the two teams still draw, then three team with six points, then the comparison between the three teams circulation record, this small cycles in Rome with six points, five points CSKA, Manchester City only three points, then Rome cut.
If Bayern main negative Army, then the Army 8 points, Luo Ma Zhusheng Manchester City, then Rome and the army with 8 points, because this group of two wars Roman army wins and 1 level, then the Roman advance; if the customer wins Rome Manchester, Manchester City Army with 8 points, but Manchester City 1 loss Army, the Army promoted; of course if Rome and Manchester City draw, both teams will be out, the army counter-attack cut.
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