Ramsay mass shooting meritorious deeds have won the best passing team

Ramsay mass shooting meritorious deeds have won the best passing team
1- Szczęsny
Beijing at 3:45 on December 10, 2014-15 UEFA Champions League group stage to start the first 6 competition, Arsenal 4-1 Galatasaray Istanbul guest. After the game, “Sky Sports” for Arsenal players score, scored twice again sent assists Ramsey got a game-high nine points, scoring two goals Podolski has also been high eight points.
Szczęsny: 7
Arsenal have occupied most of the time the initiative to attack, so the threat of Szczęsny’s not great, but when you need him to fight, his performance in general.
2- De Bixi
Debu Xi: 7
Comeback of the war, eye-catching performance. But as the game progress, gradually dim, was substituted.
4- Mertesacker
Mertesacker: 7
Is the defense must not be missing an important part. Air defense is also a great role.
21- Chambers
Chambers: 6
Compare dedication to do their work, and other manifestations of the general
39- Beilai Lin
Beilai Lin: 7
The left side of the opponent’s defense tear, caused no small threat. And on the defensive end has done very well.
15- Chamberlain
Chamberlain: 8
Almost unstoppable, and cooperation between Ramsey called a must.
20- Flamini
Flamini: 6
Performance is acceptable, and some are more effective in midfield interception.
16- Ramsey
Ramsey: 9
Stunning performance. Podolski opened the scoring assists, scored two goals after himself.
28- Campbell
Campbell: 6
Frontcourt more important part, did not commit too many mistakes, but unfortunately luck was not able to break.
22- Sanogo
Sanogo: 6
Quite satisfactory, but in Ramsey and Podolski aura somewhat bleak.
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