Raul officially unveiled the Rings stand retired New York Cosmos will return to Real Madrid

Former Real Madrid star Raul officially unveiled the new owner of the New York Cosmos. The Real Madrid captain feats, said he was pleased to join the New York Cosmos and to end his career in the United States, he also stand, after retirement will certainly return to Real Madrid.

In the October 30, the New York Cosmos announced the signing of multi-year contract with Raul, Lord of the Rings will campaign in the North American Soccer League in 2015. Raul said he was very pleased to join the New York Cosmos, and will create more brilliant for the club: “I hope to continue the great history of the New York Cosmos, to contribute to its future, I will focus on in the field to help the team win. and impart my experience to young players. ”

Raul said the United States has been a place of their dreams effectiveness: “I always dreamed of coming to America is no better city than New York, and also did not like the New York Cosmos Club, which has had a magnificent history, Pele, Franz Beckenbauer. other stars has played here. Today the club has entered a new era, and I hope to do this out of a force. ”

Turning to the future, the Raul said that it will return to Real Madrid after retirement: “I think the New York Cosmos in retirement is a more realistic plans after retirement, I will return to Real Madrid, after all, that’s my home team. Madrid also have my family and friends. I will step by step according to the rhythm, get enough experience. ”

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