Real Madrid score: C Lo 8 won best grab demon eyes fail to kill the star (below)

Erie Yarra Mendy (7 points): When Cross presence, Erie Yarra Mendy order to assist the German offensive and defensive midfielder to sort out. And when Crosby was replaced, and the Spanish midfielder Isco jointly completed the opponent’s repression in the avant-garde position, two consecutive games have a good play, Erie Yarra Mendy confidence has been significantly upgrade.
Cross (6 points): Positioning precision placement of the ball, as always, the success of Bell header score assists. Also outside the area is also quite long-range threat, once in the first half, hit the right post.
Bell (6 points): In order to score very hard, will eventually pass Cross top score the door. But in the end stage of the race on the spot Biao blood nose injury, Bell whole game 9 shots being shot three times, efficiency needs to be improved.
Isco (6 points): Due to the midfield to help strengthen the defense, so Isco offensive talent can not be perfect play, but in the end after the Cross, Isco with yourself when you play with the National Youth Team Erie Yarra Mendy success to help Real Madrid grasp the rhythm.
C Lo (8 points): highlight the cool penalty to break the psychological qualities to help Real Madrid to open the door to victory. Champions personal goals beyond Raul, continue to create pressure on the small flea.
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