Too headstrong! Van Gaal: Red Devils defense without signings satirical legend outdated

So far this season, Manchester United defender thin lineup has been widely criticized, especially by one guard a fall due to injury, but Manchester United can not finalize an absolute main defense line. However, at this juncture, Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal is still stubborn, said Manchester United defender does not need to add players!

Manchester United against Southampton on Tuesday early morning game, Smolin early due to a groin injury and had to leave, but the teenager McNair in half the time not to have been taken down due to tactical adjustments, Manchester United defensive end very tight, Carrick had a guest again.

However, Van Gaal seems to turn a blind eye to this situation, he said that Manchester United have enough players, the players do not need to introduce the reinforcement of defense:. “When a team has injuries, naturally difficult to solve the problem we need to buy players why not? we have enough players of. ”

Currently, Manchester United defense in, Rafael, Jones and Blinder are hanging mianzhanpai, Van Gaal may feel such as these four will be back, Manchester United’s defense is still solid enough. However, Manchester United legend Gary – Gary Neville did not think so, he felt the long run, Manchester United’s defense will fall to a “grassroots league” level.

Neville believes Manchester United and Southampton lucky to win a war has been “survived”, also the upcoming Manchester United and Liverpool will do double Red “Dog and Duck play Red Lion.” Van Gaal legend tells stubborn fire: “I want him to pay attention to his words, he was just the former Manchester United player, former pupils.”
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