Wonderful! German media: do not let your child Bayern fans hard goods vicissitudes of life

This season, Bayern in the Bundesliga still showed unrivaled dominance, but it has allowed the German domestic media a “reverse psychology.” Recently, the German “Die Welt” wrote then persuade German parents not to let children become Bayern fans, but should pay more attention to the Bundesliga underdog. The reason is to support the Bayern fans can not understand the difficult life.

“World News” editor Lars – Wall Roth called for a review, do not raise children when Bayern supporters: “Do not let your child become Bayern fans if your child wants a Bayern jersey when Christmas. gift, you do not promised him. ”

Wall Roth further said that the reason he made this view is supported by Bayern child difficult to understand the ups and downs of life:. “Bayern are a really good club, played a leading role in the performance and operations, but I do not recommend children to support Bayern, Bayern fans because few understand the hardships of life. they do not live in the Allianz Arena, they must go through the dispute, romance, looking for work rejected this setback. ”

Wall Lott also said that support for Bayern is very boring one thing:. “Every weekend, Bayern will be celebrating the end of each season, Bayern will celebrate the first win of course exciting, but a long time for you. will feel bored. all the Allianz Arena is not life, Bayern fans do not choose wisely. On the contrary, support Cologne, Hannover 96 or so teams Bielefeld, but can cultivate the child’s personality. ”
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